Cleaning and Maintaining the Windows

cleaning and maintaining the windows

Almost all houses have windows because we want some fresh air to get inside the house. Windows like other parts of the house also need to be kept clean. Clean windows make our view of the outside clear and fresh.

How do you clean the windows in your house? How many times do you clean the windows and in what way? Some homeowners find it hard cleaning the windows because it takes time and sometimes it has to be repeated to prefect it. Here are some helpful window cleaning tips for you:

Helpful Hints on Cleaning Windows

Here are a few tips and techniques to make the job of cleaning windows go a bit faster, and easier:

For cleaning inside windows:

  • Fill a bucket or large pot with clean, cool water and add a few drops of liquid dish soap.
  • Place a large bath towel beneath the window to catch any spills.

Windows also need to be maintained for it to last for a long time. Keeping it clean is just one of the many things required for maintaining windows. For tips on regular window maintenance, read from here:

Tips for Regular Window Maintenance

Well-maintained windows enhance the security and appearance of your home. Temperature fluctuations, rain, dust, and debris all take their shots at windows. This contributes to a high amount of wear and tear. Below are some maintenance tips for windows.


Wipe down wooden windows regularly with a damp cloth. This helps to remove dust and dirt.

These things are enough for you to keep your windows clean and maintained. Windows are important and having well maintained windows will keep your house secured at all times. For more window cleaning tips, watch this video titled “How to Wash Windows Like a Pro – This Old House”